The Power of Shungite

Elite shungite is a very rare mineral. It has stronger healing properties because of its high content of fullerenes. Elite shungite also called noble or silver or grade 1 shungite.

From a scientific point of view, Elite Shungite is strictly a silver/black rich looking stone with a non-crystalline surface. It has a slightly metallic smooth surface embedded with a mineral totaling 90 to 99% weight of organic carbon. The scientific hardness of the stone is registered at 3.5. This, scientifically, would qualify it as the higher grade of Shungite.

It ranges in the higher and more effective breed of Shungite. There are lesser pieces of Shungite used in freshening water, and bringing quality to a chaotic room, but the Elite Shungite has a quality that is seventy to one hundred percent stronger and used for more intense purposes.

In order to give a simple explanation of what kind of properties are in Elite Shungite, let’s think of a carbon water filter. When you filter water through it, it takes away the metals and other debris in your water that normally wouldn’t be noticed. It cleans chemicals out of the water that can hurt you and creates a pleasant taste in the water. The molecule clusters in a carbon water filter range between 7 and 8.

The complex qualities in Elite Shungite with its carbon matrix of something called fullerenes range between 70 and 80. This is a hugely significant difference.

With a carbon matrix of this high factor, the Elite Shungite has been tested for curing diseases, viruses, and the common cold. It has also been tested in the ability to absorb harmful EMF and other types of radiation a person is exposed to during a normal day. Elite Shungite has been used in experiments, and successfully passed certain tests in the class of EMF radiation.

Shungite EMF protection is a reality because of its complicated matrix of carbon, it traps the EMF’s and absorbs it taking it away from your body. A pendant or keychain could be the one thing you need with Elite Shungite. It will continue to protect your body when you are unknowingly, or knowingly exposed to EMF’s that in a prolonged time can cause health problems.

It can also cleanse your body from EMF already stored in your body from past exposure. Shungite EMF protection is a solution to some of the illnesses caused by being around your computer 24 hours a day (as if we don’t have a life), and those who work in a radiation-related field like hospital radiation departments.

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