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Shungite Pyramid – Polished 60x60mm


Our Shungite pyramids are an extremely good influence on the human body because:

• Shungite has healing qualities,
• Shungite pyramid has all of the unique characteristics of Egypt pyramid.

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The pyramid of Shungite produces a torsional field that reflects pathogenic rays and protects you from the electromagnetic radiation of TVs, computers, and microwave ovens.
Shungite pyramids also purify jewelry, coins, and other small items from negative energy.
Shungite pyramid is also able to clean water of organic compounds, bacteria, and harmful microorganisms.
But the most important thing for us, people, living under constant stress, strain, and unfavorable ecological conditions are the regeneration characteristics of the Shungite pyramid, which restores vitality in the body.

How to use:
In order to protect yourself from the electromagnetic radiation, you should place the pyramid between yourself and pathogen sources.
In order to clean the water just put the Shungite pyramid in the water and after 48 hours the water will be clean and biologically active.

The size of the Shungite pyramid is 60×60 mm. This pyramid creates the energy field with a radius of 3.8 metres and able to cleanse 1.5 litres of water

Polished Shungite pyramids are beautiful compared to unpolished Shungite pyramids.

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