Treating Shingles Organically

How To Treat Shingles Naturally

I am Nancy Evans, founder and formulator of Organic Rosehip Skincare and in September 2016 i suffered from Shingles. As a passionate researcher and developer for over 25 years, i decided to treat shingles myself. This blog post is inspired to share my knowledge, treatment and personal health struggle with Shingles. – A pain in my neck!

Treating Shingles Organically

In summary, my treatment works by firstly sterilizing the wound and killing off all bacteria before we can properly treat the wound. I created an astringent spray used to soothe inflammation and the pain. Iodine powder is then applied for a long period of time to help dry out the wound and assist the healing process. Once wound is dry, treating the scarring and ongoing nerve pain is necessary.

 Treating Shingles Organically

Shingles Treatment Naturally

Treating Shingles Organically There are two remedies i used to treat my shingles: one to treat the open wound and another treat post scarring and pain.

Remedy Part 1: Treating Open Wound

To treat shingles effectively follow steps 1-4 twice daily on the open wound.

  1. Gently cleanse with pure water then apply the iodine drops to disinfect the wound.
  2. Apply a wet gauze with oxygen drops then leave for 15 minutes to the open wound. This helps to clean the bacteria and tingling sensation is normal. You will notice the gauze will stick to the wound, to remove, please wet first.
  3. Spray the affected areas with our organic astringent to soothe the wound.
  4. Lastly, apply the iodine powder directly onto the wound to cover all affected areas, then apply the gauze over the wound. Leave on all day, then repeat procedure in the evening and sleep with treatment on.

As the wound begins to heal, you will notice the skin starting to recover by forming a hard crust. Continue steps 1-4 until skin until wound is dried up and is no longer open and weeping. Treating Shingles Organically

Remedy Part 2: Treating Scarring and Pain

Once scab has complete fallen off, i followed the below steps to deal with the scarring and nerve pain:

  1. Gently cleanse with pure water then apply the iodine drops to disinfect and help lymph pain.
  2. Apply the Organic Rosehip 7 Precious Oils to treat scarring. every day, twice daily.
  3. Have a relaxing bath with the Organic Magnesium Crystal Bath Scrub, this will improve sleep and relax body. Followed by massage the body with the Organic Detox Magnesium Gel – body relaxer.

Start Your Recovery Today!

During my own personal journey with shingles, i noticed it took 5-7 days until my wounds started to dry up. From there, my wounds began to scab, and took about another 7 days to completely fall off. I was then left with very severe scarring, which i continue to treat with Organic 7 Precious Oils.


-To disinfect the found.


-Organic essential oils to treat scarring – post treatment.


-Relax and detox body with Magnesium Chloride to help manage pain.