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Organic Rosehip Skincare

100% Pure Organic Rosehip Seed Oil 15ml


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The essential fatty acids in rosehip seed oil give it moisturising properties and the antioxidants and beta-carotene may help to prevent signs of ageing. It may also promote wound healing by stimulating tissue regeneration. The vitamin A is to help combat wrinkles, sun damage and uneven skin tone.

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Organic Rosehip 100% Seed Oil originates from Chile and contains 77% Linoleic and Linolenic Acids which help to prevent damage to skin tissue. This product promotes a youthful appearance, including the delicate area around the eyes.

Rosehip Seed Oil is a pure natural plant oil gently extracted from the seed of the Rosehip. It is obtained from the wild rose Rosa Mosqueta which thrives in the Andes Mountains, Chile where the climate is cool, rainy and unaffected by the effects of progress. It is fine in texture, high in Vitamin C and Essential Fatty Acids. Vitamin C plays an essential role in building COLLAGEN, while Essential Fatty Acids have excellent moisture retaining properties to repair and regenerate damaged skin tissue.

Rosehip Oil is readily absorbed, as it has a mild pH of 5.1 similar to the sebum oil in the skin. It has been used successfully in dermatology treatments by reducing the redness and preventing the formation of unsightly scars caused by burns, cuts, acne and radiotherapy.

Excellent as a night treatment for the face and neck, it has the positive effects of smoothing out facial lines and wrinkles, hydrating and slowing down new signs of ageing.

Benefits: Eczema, psoriasis, scars, burns, spots, acne, dry and sun damaged skin and helps to reduce wrinkles. Especially beneficial for sensitive skin. Repairs the cuticles of dry, damaged and chemically treated hair. Adds moisture and gives a healthy glow when massaged into nails.

  • Improve the appearance of scars & burns
  • Improve the appearance of spots & blemishes
  • Improve the appearance of wrinkles & sun damaged skin
  • Replenish moisture back into the skin
  • Revitalise and rejuvenate the skin texture
  • Great source of vitamin C

Directions: Apply to cleansed moist skin, hair or nails.

Ingredients: 100% Pure Certified Organic Rosehip Oil

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4 reviews for 100% Pure Organic Rosehip Seed Oil 15ml

  1. Josh

    A few weeks ago I was in surfers nightclub and unprovokly kicked in the head, where I ended up in hospital with a fractured eye socket.They told me I needed surgery, but I decided to try an alternative and use ‘organic rosehip seed oil moisturising cream’

    Within 3 weeks I didn’t need the operation, and my eye socket healed itself.
    I thank you so much for this wonderful product!!! From Josh

  2. Kelly

    just wanted to share with you the great success I have had with using the Organic Rosehip Oil.

    After my breast reconstruction my skin was in bad shape and I had hypertrophic scarring. This was exacerbated by chronic infection
    and lymphodema.

    I have been using the Organic Rosehip Oil and have seen reduction in the redness and the improvement in the thickness of the scars.

    In the first 10 days the results were so amazing that I cancelled my appointment to have further surgery to correct the scarring. That was 12 months ago and I continue to use the product. I do not have a photo for it but I have stopped using cortisone cream on my eczema and dry winter spots as the Rosehip Oil has cleared all that up.

    The relief knowing the product is Organic and does not contain any nasty chemicals gives me great relief.

    I will continue to use the products including the face care range as the difference in skin tone from using the Rosehip Oil on my face and post pregnancy pigmentation combined with sun damage has been sensational.

  3. Elena Chatfield

    Absolutely beautiful quality Organic Rosehip Oil. It is very healing and nourishes the skin completely. My daily skincare routine.

  4. Trisha Jankovic

    My daughter suffers from eczema. This is the only thing that clears it up. So grateful and we couldn’t do without it. The bottle also lasts for ages. Great value for money. Thanks Nancy!

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